Journey & Co. Brand Ambassadors

Meet Our Brand Ambassadors.

Polish Slayers! Girlbosses! Wonder Women!

The Faces of Journey & Co.! 


Christina #GIRLBOSS 

A girl boss is confident, independent, and ambitious. While a girl boss is all of the above, she makes room at the table for other girl bosses to join her. That’s what makes Journey & Co. stand out. They embody what it means to be a girl boss, while making sure everyone is included. I am proud to represent a brand that has a positive message and great products. As a brand ambassador I hope to inspire and connect with others through fun nail looks and conversations.”



“When reflecting on the women who have influenced me, they all have one thing in common: they inspired me to be daring. Journey & Co. was created to advocate inclusivity, individuality, and build a sisterhood hence why I love the company so much! I hope to make a positive difference in women as a brand ambassador, encouraging individuals to be their daring selves!”



“I decided to join the Journey & Company team to help spread the message of female empowerment. As a woman in engineering I have seen both men and women stereotype me, saying “You don’t look like an engineer” and “you should work at a makeup counter”. In joining Journey & Co. I hope to spread the girlboss mission by showing girls of all ages that they can accomplish their dreams even if they don’t fit the mold society has set. This brand is about women uplifting other women and showing that everyday heroes can paint their nails too.” Serena is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is currently a senior in college pursuing a double major in Biomedical Engineering and Applied Mathematics.”



“It’s a honor to be chosen as a brand ambassador by Journey & Co.I hope I am able to inspire others with my dedication and overall love for the craft. I aim to represent the brand and spread the message for the empowerment of women/others to chase and pursue their passions.”


Solomiya #GIRLBOSS

“I have loved expressing myself through my nails since my early teenage years and becoming a nail blogger allowed me to share that love with anyone who feels the same as I do. It quickly grew from a hobby into a serious passion and that’s why I’m excited to join the Journey & Co. brand ambassador team. As a recent graduate from a women’s college I keep women’s empowerment at the forefront of everything that I do and put my mind to. I am ecstatic to be able to combine my two passions and see what we can do to inspire Girl Bosses all around the world!”